Conjugarea verbului to abide

Afla cum poti conjuga verbul a se supune in limba engleza.

Conjugarea verbului to abide/ a a se supune la toate timpurile in engleza:

Infinitive: to abide

Participle: abode

Gerund: abiding

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Indicative(present, past, future), Subjunctive(present, imperfect, pluperfect), Conditional, imperative

to abide

Progressive (Continuous) Forms, Indicative, Conditional

to abide 2

Sinonime: 1. stay: sit, remain, sojourn, tarry, wait. 2. reside: stick, dwell, inhabit, live, stay, tenant. 3. endure: continue, persevere, persist. 4. support: await, second, attend

Antonime: 1. stay: leave, move, hasten, expedite. 3. endure: perish, die, fail, subside. 4. support: counteract, block, check, defeat

Exemple si definitii:

A se supune

  • I abide to you, my king.
  • We had abode before the army.
  • During medieval times, kings were hard to convince to abode.