Conjugarea verbului to climb

Afla cum poti conjuga verbul a te catara in limba engleza.

Conjugarea verbului to climb / a te catara la toate timpurile in engleza:

Infinitive: to climb

Participle: climbed, clomb

Gerund: climbing

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Indicative(present, past, future), Subjunctive(present, imperfect, pluperfect), Conditional, imperative

to climb

Progressive (Continuous) Forms, Indicative, Conditional

to climb 2

Sinonime: 1. ascend: clamber, mount, scale, surmount, scramble. 2. arise: increase, rise, lift, skyrocket, tower, surge


Exemple si definitii:

A te catara, a catara

  • I want to climb a mountain today, I really enjoy this.
  • he climbed the Everest.
  • We have climbed many times, is not that dangerous.