Conjugarea verbului to drink

Afla cum poti conjuga verbul a bea in limba engleza.

Conjugarea verbului to drink / a bea la toate timpurile in engleza:

Infinitive: to drink

Participle: drunk

Gerund: drinking

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Indicative(present, past, future), Subjunctive(present, imperfect, pluperfect), Conditional, imperative

to drink

Progressive (Continuous) Forms, Indicative, Conditional

to drink 2

Sinonime: 1. swallow: consume, imbibe, gulp, sup, quaff, suck, toss, sip. 2. imbibe: swill, tipple, booze, toast, tope, guzzle


Exemple si definitii:

A bea

  • Do you like drinking beer? I prefer wine.
  • Can I bother you with a glass of water to drink it?
  • I drunk everything in a couple seconds, I was very thirsty.