Conjugarea verbului to fall

Afla cum poti conjuga verbul a cadea in limba engleza.

Conjugarea verbului to fall / a cadea la toate timpurile in engleza:

Infinitive: to fall

Participle: fallen

Gerund: falling

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Indicative(present, past, future), Subjunctive(present, imperfect, pluperfect), Conditional, imperative

to fall

Progressive (Continuous) Forms, Indicative, Conditional

to fall 2

Sinonime: 1. descend: drop, lower. 2. stumble: drop, totter, keel, trip, pitch, plunge, slump. 3. succumb: yield, submit, surrender. 4. decline: abate, dwindle, decrease, diminish. 5. regress: relapse, recede, ebb, subside. 6. occur: happen, befall, arrive

Antonime: 4. decline: rise, increase, improve, rise

Exemple si definitii:

A cadea

  • I didn’t want to fall down, do you think I like getting hurt?!
  • I have fallen, please help me.
  • He fell down and hurt his knee.